Introducing Ineke Lam – Chinese Medicine

Ineke Lam – Chinese Medicine
BSci (Microbiology), BAppSci (Human Biology), BAppSci (Chinese Medicine)

Ineke’s medical background includes Microbiology, personal carer and a clinical internship at Jiang Su Provincial Hospital in NanJing, China. She also has a family background in Chinese Medicine with a practitioner father.

She is passionate about the benefits of Chinese Medicine in various areas, in particular mental health, fertility and post-partum conditions. After giving birth to two beautiful, healthy and active children, Ineke appreciates the value of Chinese medicine and acupuncture for the complete journey from conception to birth and beyond.

In her spare time, Ineke enjoys spending time with her children, travelling and experiencing new cultures and basking in the sun.

She is proud to offer an alternative to conventional medicine to the local community.

Darling Corner Osteopathy - Ineke Lam
Darling Corner Osteopathy - Ineke Lam