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Practitioner Detail Page of Clare Greig, Osteopath (Now Relocated to Kyneton)

Hi, I’m Clare Greig

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NOTE: Clare has now relocated to Kyneton. She is now working at Organic Mechanic.

Clare graduated from the combined Bachelor of Health Science (Osteopathy)/Masters of Osteopathy in 2007 and since then, has undertaken postgraduate courses in cranial osteopathy, obstetric and paediatric osteopathy. She has been working at Darling Corner Osteopathy since January 2008.

Clare was introduced to osteopathy as a child and has always appreciated the importance of regular ‘maintenance’ to help the growing/grown body cope with the rigours of life. This early exposure to osteopathic philosophy has influenced Clare’s approach to osteopathic treatment, which is focused on maximising each person’s ultimate health potential. She aims to assist people to understand how lifestyle behaviours can contribute to physical complaints, so they can make amendments or modifications to support their own wellbeing.

Clare works to assist patients to understand and modify lifestyle behaviours towards managing and improving both chronic and acute conditions. Having completed a Pilates for Practitioners course in 2012, she understands the importance of maintaining movement and mobility at all ages and employs pilates exercises for rehabilitation. She promotes the active engagement of all patients in their own healthcare.


Clare Greig

Osteopath – Has Now Relocated


B.App.Sc (Osteopathy), M.Ost
Member AOA
  • Complex musculoskeletal pain syndrome.
  • Osteopathic techniques which focuse on maximising each person’s ultimate health potential.
  • Ensuring patients have a well thought out treatment plan that can empower them to use self-healing exercise such as pilates rehabilitation.
6-8 Illowa Street
Malvern East VIC 3145
T 9885 1733


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