Our Team

Who We Are?

Darling Corner Osteopathy proudly provides a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

Our osteopaths and massage therapist will encourage you to restore your health in a way that best promotes healing. We strongly follow the traditional philosophy of osteopathy to give you a holistic manual therapy treatment, to help you achieve long-term relief of pain and body imbalances.

We use the full spectrum of osteopathic techniques to help give you the most effective outcomes for your conditions or problems.

Our Skills

Osteopathy – 7 Practitioners
Massage Therapy – 1 Practitioner
Pellowah/Reiki – 1 Practitioner

Meet the Team

Darling Corner Osteopathy has a team of seven osteopaths:

  • Timothy Taylor (Principal Osteopath) started in 1995
  • Clare Greig started in 2007
  • Liora Dafner-Beach started in 2008
  • Cecilia Graziano started in 2010
  • Simon May started in 2012
  • Rebecca Ellis started in 2015
  • Ashleigh Kaye Smith started in 2017

We also have a massage therapist, Jessica Doyle, who started in 2011, and Michelle Sinclair, who is the Pellowah and Reiki Practitioner.

Timothy Taylor

Principal Osteopath

Timothy has a particular interest in treating children and babies and is qualified in neonatal/paediatric manual therapy.

Clare Greig


Clare is qualified in obstetric, cranial and paediatric osteopathy and is passionate about mobility for every  age group.

Liora Dafner-Beach


Liora has a Masters that explored practitioner sensitivity in range of motion palpation and she has lectured in biomechanics.

Cecilia Graziano


Cecilia was previously a remedial massage therapist and can use dry needles and cups in her treatments.

Simon May


Simon is interested in the treatment of exercise-related injuries and has studied dry needling.

Rebecca Ellis

Associate Osteopath

Rebecca has a sporting background, so she can particularly relate to exercise-induced injuries. She also treats conditions related to the organs of the body.

Ashleigh Kaye Smith


Ashleigh has particular interests in rehabilitation, general chronic conditions and working with athletes.

Jessica Doyle

Massage Therapist

Jessica specialises in sports massage, cupping, relaxation and alleviating stress. She is also a personal trainer.

Michelle Sinclair

Pellowah & Reiki Practitioner

Michelle is certified in Pellowah Level 2 and Usui Reiki Level 2 and is a member of the Australian Reiki Connection.

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